Escape Rooms

The Escape Room -  Pharaoh's Tomb
You and a group of researchers have come to Cairo to join a group of British archaeologists on a historic dig. Upon arrival you quickly discover that the dig site of an ancient pharaoh's tomb has been abandoned. There have been rumors swirling about a curse from the gods on the ancient tomb. Can you find the missing archaeologists in 60 minutes or will you succumb to the same fate? Book NowNumber of players: 2-8Success rate: 70%
Copperhead Saloon
The year is 1860, the height of the gold rush out West. Gold has been discovered in the rocky town of Prospector's Peak! Greedy Bose Ikard and the Klondike Big Inch Mining Company have taken the town ransom and stolen deeds to the land. You and your team of outlaws, bounty hunters, gamblers and hired guns have been hired by the townspeople of Prospector's Peak to retrieve the deeds and save the town from Bose Ikard. Book NowNumber of players: 2-8Success rate: 30%
The London Blitz Escape Room
You're transported back to December 29th 1940, London, England. Winston Churchill called it his nation’s greatest trial and its finest hour. Europe had fallen to Hitler and Britain stood alone. Determined to bomb the English into submission, the German Luftwaffe attacked London nearly every night. You and your team will have 60 minutes to escape the Blitz! Book NowNumber of players: 2-8Success rate: 50%